Form der Farbe

The form of colour is a playful examination with the newly developed textile colour technology GRDXKN. 

The technology gives the colour a body, a shape and thus brings new properties such as abrasion resistance, slip resistance, water repellency, upholstery and textile stabilization. In addition, the printed pattern is plastically reproduced on the reverse side of the fabric. 

The work shows and researches further application potentials of structural printing technology and technical possibilities of implementation.

The textile printing ink is applied to the textile using a stencil printing process. After it has dried, the printed textile is baked in the oven, whereby the ink bonds firmly with the textile and gains volume. A special focus of this project is the use of rapid prototyping technologies in combination with GRDXKN. Numerous tests, test arrangements and prototypes have been developed for this purpose.

fabric and paint


The ornament // carpet

This object is a floor covering that is an abstraction of traditional hand-woven carpets.The material forms a protective surface and prevents the silk linen from slipping on the floor.

The line // shoe sketch

For the sole, instead of stencil printing various experiments with the 3D printer have been made. The 3D printer serves here as a three-dimensional drawing tool. The sole is printed directly on the sock, which is stretched over a last.

The body // soft protection jacket

The jacket can be used as a protective jacket for cyclists in the city, for example, but also functions as an everyday jacket in terms of appearance. The different density makes it possible that the form adapts to the body and a free movement is possible in spite of padding.

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