anima ona
Solid Transitions

One of the largest inner-city construction sites in Europe is located in the center of the city of Stuttgart: Stuttgart 21. For more than 10 years, work on the new main railway station has had a significant impact on the urban center of the city of Stuttgart. The "South Head" is an underground construction site section of monumental proportions, located between the tunnel access roads and the new station concourse. For the exhibition Solid Transitions, a time window was carved out in the complex construction process in which this later transit area can be made accessible to the public and walked through for guided groups. As one of 14 artists, we were invited to react to this special location, question its significance and explore the potential of its architectural dimensions.

ST.1: Erdbild, 13,8 x 1,2m

In the sequence of collecting, documenting, digitizing, archiving and recycling, we wanted to give new value to excavated earth from the construction site for the exhibition. During this process, the earth was transformed into geopolymers, a material that is being researched as a sustainable alternative to concrete, and applied as plaster on a base material. In the form of a 13.8 m long wall relief, this material experiment presents itself as a contrasting painting in the middle of a concrete landscape and emphasizes the aesthetic qualities and design potential of this building material.

ST.2: Erdbild, Erdscann
ST.3.1-3: Erdscann
  • ST.3.1-3: Erdscann